What we’re watching this weekend: Broadway from the couch

For a good time in front of the TV after the festivities, nothing is better than music to stay in the mood.

That’s it: this weekend is the big day. Those who celebrate Christmas will receive family and friends and very plentiful sequential meals. After opening gifts, some may want to rest in front of the TV. Every Friday for several weeks now, we recommend programs for the perfect weekend.

After, after A cartoon in context Rick and MortyTotal change of direction! It is difficult to choose a program when you have to please all the guests … Therefore, nothing beats good family entertainment. Except that this wide genre also means hours of scouring your favorite streaming platforms for the perfect footage.

Don’t panic, we have the perfect recommendation. From December 25th, Netflix welcomes a musical feature film that promises to delight young and old. Back to childhood with Matilda: The Musical.

It’s hard to be a genius

Some of you may know a story Matilda. This children’s novel by Roald Dahl was first published in 1988 in the UK, and then in 1994 in Our Greens. We discover the adventures of Matilda Wormwood, a little girl with amazing powers. Her despicable parents do not understand her developing intelligence and openly mock her.

Convinced that she is an odd girl because of her difficult upbringing, Matilda will understand the extent of her talents thanks to her wonderful teacher, Miss Honey. This story has nothing to do with the clichéd school drama because the heroine will force herself against the terrible director thanks to her telekinetic powers. Yes yes you read that correctly.

Dahl’s work was already adapted into a feature film in 1996, but the Netflix version is a completely different iteration! It itself was inspired by another adaptation: the musical. This play started in the UK in 2010 in Stratford, before being brought to London in 2011. Building on its success in the West End, which is the equivalent of British Broadway, the show reached New York in 2013. Thus, it became a true global hit For the musical, which won five Tony Awards.

after adaptation prom And the Tick, tick … Boom! In the movie version, Netflix uses its expertise in the matter for transmission Matilda: The Musical on our screens. In this remake’s selection, viewers will find Lashana Lynch, the star of the last two James Bond as Miss Honey, as well as the great Emma Thompson as Miss Trunchbull, the big bad. It is a young Irish actress who is still unknown who will take the lead in the lead role. Alisha Weir resurrects Matilda in this musical feature that promises to be a hit.

to prolong the experiment

Do you want more music? That’s okay, streaming platforms are full of musicals just waiting to be discovered. In Disney +, subscribers can resort to the official registration of Hamiltona cult piece by Lin-Manuel Miranda to whom we owe the music encanto.

If you’re more of an Amazon Prime Video team, we recommend Jimmyadapted from a British musical Everyone talks about Jimmy. Finally, Netflix is ​​also home to an adaptation of Tick, tick … Boom! Worn by Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man) Do not miss it.

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