What the English situation means to France

The course of the English football team at the European Championships was, at times, made the English forget the plague in their country. Despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing the end of restrictions on July 19, including the wearing of masks and social exclusion, The The health situation is deteriorating again UK.

On Wednesday, July 7, the Covit-19 cases crossed the 30,000 mark for the first time since January. Hospital admissions linked to Covid-19 increased by 70% in one week in the UK alone. According to The Independent, The Leeds Teaching Hospitals Foundation, one of the largest institutions in the UK located in the northeast of the country, is already forced to postpone a number of urgent measures as covit patients return. Provoked the hospital ” The code is black Emergency, the highest degree of his emergency.

More pollution, fewer deaths

The number of Covid-19 infections and deaths has increased rapidly since the Delta variant dominated the country, a few weeks ahead of Delta France. But The number of deaths is increasing very rapidly Contaminants: While the number of deaths due to delta variation has doubled, pollution has increased twelvefold. With less staggering figures than in previous events and more promising in France for a less dangerous epidemic resumption.

The French Science Council noted: In the UK, “

The Contaminated subjects are younger, and there is a mismatch between the dynamics of pollution (+ 70% of cases / week) and hospitalization (+ 20% of hospital / week).

The government’s advisory council said in a statement last Friday. In the UK, where Delta is active, “
For severe cases, there is an increase in hospitals (but), which is less than confirmed cases
Health, Public Health Confirms Sibyl Bernard-Stoklin of France.

Vaccination interval

The situation in the United Kingdom is different from the situation in France, “he said.

The dose of the vaccine is high, especially for the elderly
“. On the other hand,”

The vast majority of people in the UK are vaccinated with AstraZeneca
», Less effective against variant than Pfizer / Bioendech, widely used in France. Festivals linked to Euro football scare experts Multiplication of the spread of Govit-19 In the country. ” Areas less affected by the outbreak in the UK may be sown by supporters returning from London. ”, Antoine Flaholt, director of the World Health Organization at the University of Geneva, warns.

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