What Romanians who order online from UK sites need to know. The fee they have to pay

Be very careful if you are accustomed to shopping online at sites in the UK. Additional costs have arisen. It was the result of the British leaving the EU.

We no longer have a common market and as a result, they impose new taxes and customs forms. For both companies and individuals. We will pay at least 19 per cent extra for each order, i.e. VAT, we have not paid till now.

Take the example of a British store that sells sporting goods. When you place your order, nothing changes. When this package arrives in Romania, you will find that you have to pay extra taxes as well. 19 percent VAT applies to all goods, which is more than 10 euros more expensive. For packages worth less than 150 euros, there is no customs duty, including transportation costs.

Toina Vilsianu, e-commerce expert: “If this value exceeds 150 euros, apparently you will pay 19% VAT in Romania, plus customs duty, more handling fees and so on.”

Exceptions are products that appeared in the UK. For parcels arriving via Romanian mail, customs duty and VAT are paid directly at the post office. But if they come from the UK, through a courier company, things get complicated.

As an individual, you cannot pay taxes and VAT directly without the import registration number, which is obtained from the authorities. As a result, you can upgrade the courier company, but pay a commission. If the tariff is up to Rs 4,200, one of them charges Rs 60. Ask at all prices. There is also a storage charge. A courier company charges 30 lbs per day from the fourth day the package enters the country.

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Let us now take the example of packages shipped from the UK to Romania. For example, your sister or friend wants to send you a gift. Up to 45 euros, no VAT or customs duty is paid. But be careful what you say, because these packages can be controlled by customs officials.

This new bureaucracy led to the blocking of thousands of collections at customs.

In Romania, we are talking about more than 5,000 economic operators who traded goods to and from the United Kingdom by 2020.

Marcel Simeon Mutsku, Director General of the ANAF Directorate General of Customs: “We estimate an increase of about 15 per cent. We expect somewhere around 320-330 thousand customs measures to be higher than they are now.”

Also keep in mind that there is a special rule for everything that means stimulants, i.e. tobacco, alcohol or perfumes. For example, you cannot send more than 2 packs of cigarettes or more than 50 ml of perfume in a package. If you need information on fees and procedures, the Directorate General of Customs has an email address where questions can be answered promptly.

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