What is the municipality planning?

During the last municipal council last Monday, Lionel Ratton, financial assistant, presented topics for investment, such as strengthening the commercial offer in the municipality, intelligently optimizing operating expenses without compromising the quality of services, and strengthening the housing supply through the renovation of the municipal park. , predicting changes in the number of staff in school canteens and improving the reception of children in schools and extracurricular institutions.

The most important upcoming projects of the municipality

To do this, the deputy presented some major investment projects such as road rehabilitation in downtown San Didier, the creation of a green space, the security development of the D2 in La Saulée and also the general review of the local urban plan. Added to this is the expansion of the commercial premises in Saint-Didier as well as the renovation of the two apartments above, the construction of a new school canteen in Saint-Sorlin near the Franck Rossi space and the construction of a school group in Saint-Sorlin. Maurice.

Several investment receipts are expected, notably €88,000 from government subsidies for the school canteen project in Saint-Sorlin and €10,000 from the Ministry. In connection with the expansion of commercial premises in Saint-Didier, the department has allocated a subsidy of 14,000 euros, and an order is in progress with the region. In order to renovate the above housing, the municipality was granted a subsidy of €16,000 by the department.

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