What is the future for the UK outside the EU?

In June 2016, there was a shock internationally: in a particularly tight vote, the British decided to leave the EU. This leads to some heated negotiations and turmoil, but eventually Britain withdrew from the EU on January 1, 2021. Besides, the country does not want to retreat. For free trade. Prime Minister Boris Johnson talks about a “global Britain” with better deals than it has with European countries in the past.

Other than what this ARTE report shows, things are not so easy. Of course, the country has formed an attractive alliance with Japan. However, its ambiguity with China indicates that relations are very cold at the moment. In addition, Johnson’s best friend Donald Trump is no longer president of the United States, and the deal they negotiated should be reconsidered. Joe Biden denies certain elements that alter the United Kingdom’s international agreements.

The Commonwealth still has the equivalent of 14% of world GDP. But here again, the players are very different, economic deals take a long time to negotiate.

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