What is the film adaptation of The Little Mermaid?

Widely criticized even before its theatrical release, the live-action work of the little Mermaid Did he finally avoid the expected sinking? If it sometimes suffers from comparison to the original anime, this Disney-themed ride that takes too long for the plot (2h15) has the qualities and drawbacks of a big-eared entertainment giant: nice staff with nice special effects, but the (charming) characters are hollow little bit. We’ll pass by the frosty performance of Javier Bardem as King Triton, unconvincing and slow, wading in the middle of the ocean, or that of Jonah Hauer King, Hollywood’s new fashionable star, certainly irresistible with his dimples but especially silly during his reunion with his beauty. As for Flounder… a disaster. An anamorphic picture, a far cry from the ingenuity of the avant-garde Avatar: Waterway. Not everything can be thrown away in this aquatic series. In the original version, actors and rappers Daveed Diggs and Awkwafina respectively lend their voices to Sébastien, the loyal crab, and Eureka, this endearing but somewhat dim-witted seabird, by bringing an undeniable comic force to these minor characters, while Melissa McCarthy stands out. Like the movie’s real villain, with her Machiavellian laughter and gaudy shades of colour. The actress bumps up her drag queen looks and Broadway star presence by having fun playing the terrible sea witch Ursula. The charming Halle Bailey, for her part, clears up all controversy about her skin tone with the flip of her finger, shining on the screen with her mere presence. With a sweet siren voice and big candid eyes, Beyoncé’s little Rami silences all of her critics by carrying this Rob Marshall musical comedy on her vulnerable shoulders. An ordinary pledge of competence, which unfortunately this time did not convince the editorial board…

the little Mermaid
From: R. Marshall
With: H. Bailey, J. Haueyr-King, J. Bardem
Series rating: science fiction
Theatrical release: May 31, 2023

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