What is the autoimmune disease that mainly affects women?

Her name indicates wolf In Latin … especially “wolf mask”, referring to damage to the skin around the eyes, nose and cheekbones. ” It is one of the manifestations of this autoimmune disease, that is, caused by the reaction of the patient’s antibodies against himself Reports Pr Eric Hachulla (CHU Lille), National Coordinator, Health Sector for Rare Autoimmune and Autoinflammatory Diseases (FAI²R).

But the symptoms of lupus are very variable and heterogeneous. Besides the skin, they also infect the joints. often painful and stiff in the morning,” sometimes with “damage to certain organs, such as the kidneys.” or lungs with difficulty breathing.

Potential serious consequences

But, the doctor continues, like the chronic diseases of which lupus is a part, which is also one of the most common “rare” diseases (about 30,000 cases in France) – “the main complaint of patients – patients in nine out of ten cases – is related to fatigue. It develops in spurts, and is a real burden to management on a daily basis.” So heavy and affecting “at the family, social and professional levels that it can cause anxiety or even depression”.

Therefore, the consequences are likely to be severe if the disease is not controlled through proper care. ” And universal He hurries to identify Professor Hashula who quotes immediately. Primary » adaptive physical activity, psychological support and/or complementary therapies such as serotherapy, hypnosis or meditation that can help the patient cope with his illness “.

The therapeutic management of lupus has recently evolved with the advent of biological therapies.

An often misunderstood disease

Finally, the doctor insists on therapeutic education programs to support patients, especially in understanding this disease, which is considered special due to its many symptoms and repercussions.

Awareness, information and psychosocial support…” We are very connected to these aspects aiming to better understand the disease in order to ultimately improve patients’ quality of life,” Supports Marianne Rivière, President of the French Association of Lupus and Other Autoimmune Diseases (AFL+).

Especially since these “They are not always understood, especially by their family or professional environment. What often constitutes additional suffering To learn more about AFL+, visit https://lupusplus.com.

Source: Interview with Professor Eric Hashula April 21, 2023 – Interview with Marianne Rivière, April 20, 2023

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