What is safe mode on Samsung phones and tablets?

When we notice abnormal behavior on our Samsung phone or tablet or we suspect that we have installed a virus, it may be a good idea to activate safe mode. This mode allows us to start up our device without third party applications. This works well for Galaxy S, Galaxy A, Galaxy J, or Galaxy Tab users. We explain how to activate it and then remove it.

The beauty of having an Android smartphone is that you are free to install all the files and apps you want on it.

This is why the Android operating system is an open system. It’s the opposite of Apple and its iOS operating system, which seeks to control what we install on it so that we don’t change the user experience we’re supposed to have on our iPhone or iPad.

The flip side of Android is that we can install third-party apps that our device does not digest well, be it our phone or tablet.

Thus, our mobile device may have problems with battery power, performance, internal memory, in short, everything that affects its proper functioning.

This is without counting the famous malware and virus-infected apps that managed to find their way into the Play Store catalog.

Of course, there are tips to avoid viruses and malicious apps on Android. But in a context where we do not have one of the best protection solutions and we have detected one of the six evidences that our phone is infected, what can we do?

If you have a Samsung phone or tablet, there is a safe mode that can help!

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This allows us to quickly see if the problems our device is experiencing are caused by an app or if the phone or tablet has some glitches.

Why does my Samsung phone go to safe mode?

Safe mode for Samsung phones and tablets is a mode in which all third-party apps are disabled.

What is a third party application? These are basically all the apps that we have installed on our devices through Play Store, Galaxy Store or any other app stores.

In short, after restarting our mobile devices in safe mode, we end up with a device as we had it when we configured it the first time.

It contains only the applications installed by default.

So this allows us to know if your device has a problem with one of its components or if it is a third party app causing problems.

In the case where we think we have installed a virus, we will be able to proceed with the “nuclear” solution to treat it, that is, factory reset our device to erase all traces of malware.

How to enable safe mode on Samsung phone

To restart your Samsung phone or tablet and activate safe mode, the method and steps will be different depending on what model you have.

To activate safe mode on a model without on / off buttons (power button), here is the method and steps:

  1. Swipe down to display the shortcuts panel
  2. Click on the on/off icon at the top right of the screen
  3. Press for a few seconds on the option: Power off
  4. Hold your finger on it until you see Safe Mode
  5. Confirm that Safe Mode is on by clicking on it

By leaving our finger on the option: Off, Samsung Safe Mode appears.

To activate safe mode on a model with on / off buttons (power button), here is the method and steps:

  1. Turn off your phone by pressing the on/off button
  2. Restart the device
  3. During startup, press the volume minus (-) key.
  4. Wait a few moments
  5. In the lower left corner the option will appear: Safe mode

How to get out of safe mode and disable it?

Exiting safe mode on your Samsung smartphone or tablet is very simple.

It’s just a matter of bringing up the notification panel by swiping our finger from the top of the screen to the bottom.

Then we see the notification: Safe mode is activated. It’s a matter of pressing it to disable it.

How to restart Samsung in safe mode?

Sometimes we will hear some users saying that we should restart our Samsung phone or tablet in safe mode.

What is safe mode? It is another phrase to talk about safe mode on Samsung mobile devices.

Safe mode does the same thing as safe mode. After restarting the smartphone or tablet in safe mode, we are basically in safe mode.

In short, our device restarts without opening third-party apps.

How do you reset your Samsung device?

As mentioned above, Samsung Safe Mode can help us if unfortunately our device has been affected by a virus or malware.

Especially if this software is preventing us from accessing our device settings to perform an update or preventing us from installing one of the best security solutions to help us remove it.

The procedure that we can do in such a situation is to restart the phone in safe mode then do a full device reset. This is called a factory reset.

This deletes all our accounts, all our apps and all our files on our Samsung smartphone or tablet, thus by the fact that it deletes any malware.

This “nuclear” solution can be done on all Android models passed.

In short, it restores the phone to the state it was in when we bought it.

The problem with this solution is that it erases everything…

You can first try to connect your Samsung device to the computer to try to extract the data. However, we also run the risk of infecting our device, hence the importance of having a good antivirus on it!

However, to completely reset your Samsung device, you must:

  • I open Settings
  • Go to the tab: global management
  • Move the mouse down
  • Click on: Re-Set
  • weigh in on: Reset all data
  • Scroll down and tap: Re-Set
  • Enter your device PIN
  • Click on: Delete all

How to reset Samsung devices

Here’s how to reset your Samsung device via Settings.

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