What if the PS4 is also affected by its planned obsolescence?

Even though the PS5 was discontinued a few months ago, many players still paint the PS4. But here we have bad news. According to famous hacker Lance McDonald, the Sony console is a kind of time bomb, affected by the famous planned aging. We explain all of that to you.

Due to the scarcity of PS5 in stores, the majority of gamers still use PS4. According to specialist and hacker Lance McDonald, this controller is a kind of time bomb due to its internal clock. In fact, the hacker was responding to a player on Twitter that had encountered an error message on their console.

According to him, a light outage could occur that would prevent players from playing at any time. why? Because Sony doesn’t want players to cheat on the rewards you win in games.

Prizes on the PS4 require an internal clock system (which cannot be seen and changed) in order to function. This way, players cannot change the date and time on their PS4 to make it look like they got their trophies earlier than they actually did. If the battery of this watch dies, all of your games will die.

McDonald’s launches on Twitter.

Update is required

In other words, if your console’s internet clock decides to stop working, it will become unusable. This is called simply planned obsolescence. To avoid all this, Sony will have to go through a major update to reprogram the Cup system. But this possibility is highly unlikely since Sony will undoubtedly focus its forces on the new PS5. Moreover, starting this summer, online stores for PS3, PSP and PS Vita will permanently close their doors.

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But in any case, it is very likely that sooner or later PS4 players will encounter the following problem: since the internal clock of the PS4 is battery powered and all batteries in the world have a limited life. There will be an inevitable time. When the PS4 is unusable. So definitely, Lance McDonald specifies that it is possible to change this battery and then sync it over PSN. But it’s still imperative that Sony continues to produce it and PSN service remains assured. Speaking of numbers, in the worst-case scenario (if Sony halts production of batteries and discontinues PSN), 100 million PS4 will fail. It seems unlikely, but remember that in 2011, Sony’s PSN was hacked and the Japanese brand was forced to shut down service for twenty days. Who knows what could happen …

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