What if RFK Jr wins the New Hampshire Democratic primary?

This past February, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Renovated Timing the 2024 presidential primaries, New Hampshire is stripped of the honor of holding the party’s first-ever primary, as is customary. According to the new official calendar, South Carolina will get the ball rolling on February 3, 2024, followed by New Hampshire and Nevada a few days later. But New Hampshire could still hold a Democratic primary before South Carolina, given thatState law obliges it to be the first country to conduct such balloting for the presidential election. If such a scenario occurs, Robert Kennedy Jr. may win this primaries, which would be a small disaster for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

You should know that Joe Biden has already announced that his name will not appear on the ballot in any primary elections held before that in South Carolina. If New Hampshire holds its primaries before February 3, Kennedy will have a good chance of winning, judging by recent polls, which put him second behind the president among the candidates favored by Democratic voters.

It must be said that Kennedy really has nothing to please the Democrats, except for the famous name, which undoubtedly contributes to his popularity in the polls. Other than that, he often talks like a Republican. He supports closing the southern border. He opposes banning semi-automatic rifles. And he still talks about vaccines. However, as David Frum pointed out Tuesday morning in a tweet, vaccines are more popular among Democrats than Joe Biden.

Of course, RFK Jr’s popularity among Democrats may decline as they become aware of his views. Here are two clips circulating on Twitter these days, showing the evolution of this environmental lawyer-turned-conspiracy expert’s thinking:

However, a win for RFK Jr in New Hampshire will be sure to fuel media rhetoric about Biden’s vulnerability. Hence the undoubted support for the 69-year-old from the media, conservative strategists and donors.

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