What if Joe Biden dies? Kamala Harris final audition

And as long as you are interested in the criticism directed at the Biden administration by Republicans or conservatives, it is impossible not to notice, after the age of the Democratic president, that the attacks are directed in the direction of Vice President Kamala Harris.

easy target

Since the 2020 Democratic primary, the former California attorney general’s impressive political rise appears to have been brutally curtailed. Until recently, she was compared to Barack Obama and was said to have been offered the vice-presidential position by Joe Biden to prepare herself for the position in 2024.

Kamala Harris has already secured her place in the history books by becoming the first woman to hold office, the first whose ancestry also allows her to build a bridge with the black and Asian communities.

In addition to this powerful symbol, she has struggled for more than two years to convince Americans, both Republicans and many Democrats, that she has what it takes to win a presidential campaign and finally break the infamous glass ceiling.

If you think Joe Biden is unpopular and unpopular, check out the data on his vice presidential satisfaction rating. It struggles to pass the 40% mark, and that worries strategists and Democratic electors.

The Republicans understood this well, and did not hesitate to take advantage of the situation. Not so long ago, Nikki Haley, the only Republican candidate, bluntly exposed the situation: expect Kamala Harris to become president, and Joe Biden will die.

If the formula is not elegant, the scenario, a bit exaggerated, is within the realm of the possible. For other reasons, Kamala Harris is receiving the treatment reserved for 2008’s Sarah Palin. She exploits the fact that she is only “a heartbeat away from the presidency.”

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Biden gives him a second chance

Although she has undeniable skills, Kamala Harris does not impress voters and several Democratic votes have been heard in recent weeks, strongly suggesting Joe Biden replaces her in the 2024 campaign.

If you’ve listened to the video confirming the incumbent’s candidacy, you may have noticed that Biden decided to ignore the criticism. Kamala Harris is ubiquitous out there, confirming that the Democratic nominee is offering her a second chance.

Whether because of the ferocity of Republican attacks, the many, most legitimate, questions about the health of a president who will be 82 at the start of his second term, or because the Democratic Party desperately needs the next generation, Kamala stands out. Harris faces her most important political test.

Can she reverse direction? Does she still have time to find her way? Joe Biden thinks so, but for him the 2024 elections will be a new beginning or an abrupt end to his political journey.

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