What if children take control?


Tired of always having to say no to your kids? What if I agree to accept all their applications for a 24-hour period? Eat ice cream for breakfast? Yeah! Swapping a school day for a roller coaster? Yes again! The whole neighborhood woke up with a foamy party at the family home? Three times yes! But when you have so much fun, how do you find the maximum?

Hollywood loves crazy comedies that recall the sacred importance of family unity (such as “My Grandfather and Me,” which launched Robert De Niro in a merciless war against his grandson). And “Yes Day” falls into the trap of American moral values: the indolent husband ends up listening to the orderly-freaked home mom, and the kids who are overwhelmed with extra freedom … and happy to be! Come on, everyone believes it! But as in Modern Family, which happily plays with these conservative icons, we allow ourselves to go away once the delirium is pushed to its limits. Jennifer Garner (Juno) has clearly eaten the lion, and she takes great pleasure in hitting her three kids in paintball. Alongside him, surprises handsome Edgar Ramirez (Gianni Versace in American Crime Story) in a more commercial record, and the actors give the three children the change with talent and mischief of the two-parented.

In the end, we will be almost convinced: By letting go, parents regain their balance and children learn a lesson in the process. Or how to get the marshmallow out while keeping a stick behind your back … We can’t help but imagine a less tenacious European version of the movie, where no one ends up in jail for stealing a stuffed animal, and where the mother ends this crazy day with the first beer for his 14-year-old daughter. “Yes Day” isn’t that movie, but it feels great! And we ended up entertaining us non-stop along the way.

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