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Since the arrival of EXATLON USA on Telemundo’s screen, the show has not only stopped, but throughout its five seasons, it has bolstered a battalion of followers around it, ready to continue.to shut down all the movements of the passing athletes.

Are you ready or ready to prove that you are an expert in the EXATLON USA program? Prove it here now:

Bien que certains téléspectateurs suivent le program pour des raisons de divertissement ou pour passer un bon moment en famille, comme cela arrive dans les meilleurs jeux vidéo, il ya d’autres téléspectateurs téléspectateurs des urn quiviet é sur enté au .

And with our quiz on the show, we challenge you at Right Now to show what you know about EXATLON USA, to see if you’re another fan of reality TV or if you’re an educator in the field, fully understanding when it comes to keywords like Fortress, Shack, Containers and Famous and Safe-Conduct Medals, Circles, and many other elements that are part of high-performance reality television.

Over the five seasons the competition has been through, there have been many memorable moments and situations that have lingered in viewers’ memories, as well as details about the personal lives of the show’s main protagonists, so the challenge of responding as the best is equivalent to winning the EXATLON Tour.

So, if you are a fan of EXATLON USA, put your knowledge of the program into practice and get ready to take this little test, where you must have new memories of the so-called “The Fierce Competition. On Planet Earth” and use your good memory.

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In the next 10 question quiz, you will face questions about the relatives of beloved competitors who went through the show, lovers born on the field, competition pilots and even children whose famous athlete parents made them famous.

Likewise, while having fun, you will be able to test yourself on the characters and moments from season one to five, rival races and of course the inevitable injuries of EXATLON, which are now in the fifth edition daily. life. Bread.

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