What are the most watched Netflix series this week?

every week day Giant running Releases new series and movies that break all records and confirm Netflix as a platform with Best original content. The marathon is usually more than proven, the novels of the whole world have a great impact and adjust their position in the rating of the most consulted content. Here we tell you what they were The most popular series in recent days.

Netflix updates the ranking of the most-watched series and movies every week (Getty).

+ The 4 most watched Netflix series in the world this week

4. Offshore Banks

This exciting series presents Two seasons of 20 episodes in totalIt lasts about one hour. It stars Chase Stokes, Madeleine Klein and Madison Bailey, and features an island of rich and poor, as teenage John B. His three friends search for a legendary treasure linked to his father’s disappearance.

3. The good doctor

in a Latin americaThis series is available at Amazon Prime Video. However, it is part of the Red N catalog of many other countries that have pinned it as the third most watched series of the week. This is a young surgeon with savant syndrome who has been recruited into the pediatric surgery department of a reputable hospital. Can someone who lacks the ability to communicate with others really save lives?

2. Good girls

Features of the second most-watched novel on Netflix this week Christina Hendricks and Rita Mae Whitman. It has four seasons and recently released new episodes. The story begins when three mothers contemplate a supermarket robbery to end their financial problems and independence.

1. Click the bait

This arrangement is led by small chain Under the effect of Zoe Kazan, Betty Gabriel and Adrian GrenierIt contains only eight episodes of about 50 minutes each. Created by Tony Ayres and Christian WhiteIts plot revolves around the kidnapping of Nick Brewer which comes with a malicious electronic twist. Throughout the season, those close to the protagonist rush to find out who is behind the action and their motives.

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