What are the most watched Netflix series in the US?

Just like last week, a new update has arrived with official Nielsen audience numbers, which are based on viewers watching content on TVs and covering Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Disney+ platforms. The numbers were reported about a month later, as the aforementioned streaming services don’t regularly publish their data.

The latest report confirmed this Virgin River It is no longer the most preferred by the public and has become offshore banks, With 1,423 million minutes watched. The show debuted again in its second season on July 30, and has garnered generally good reviews and a great reception from fans. Although it has not yet been confirmed, it is believed that there will be a third part.

+ The most watched series on Netflix USA

As confirmation that This teen show created by Josh Butt is always the one that captivates the audience the most, in the top ranking published by Nielsen, covering the week of August 2-8, with 2.1 billion minutes played. if you don’t see it, offshore banks It follows a young man who convinces three of his friends to search for a legendary treasure on the island of the rich and the poor.

All Americans, the series that can be watched currently streaming, comes in second place, with 1,157 million minutes watched. dead walking (720 million) ranked third in its latest episodes, cocumillon (705 AD) and instinct anatomy (670 CE), for Volume 17 of Imagination, they completed the top five.

The ranking of the 10 most popular productions continues criminal minds (579 million), Virgin River (547 million), Chicago Med (544 million), NCIS (530 m) and statment (501 million). This latest series was canceled in its third season, but after fan support, there were plans to renew it for a final installment.

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