What are the best countries to study in?

8y – Switzerland

Switzerland is 8y The best country to study according to our criteria. It’s also 3y Countries in relation to personal development globally, as well as 7y In terms of achieving professional goals.

This country is known for Picturesque mountains and lakes in the heart of the Alps. In fact, you can enjoy the panoramic views during your vacation and sports outings. However, cities like ZurichAnd Interlaken or Lausanne We also have some surprises in store for you.

Furthermore it, Switzerland offers good culinary specialities. If you are a fan of chocolate, or dishes that contain cheese such as the famous ones Swiss fondueYou will be satisfied.

finally, Switzerland is rich in languages Because depending on where you are, you may hear Swiss German, Swiss French, or even Swiss Italian spoken.

7y – Holland

The Netherlands ranks 7y In the best countries to study in the world But all the same 4y at the European level. Moreover, it is 2y countries in terms of achieving occupational goals.

Cities in the Netherlands are very lively and offer a rich culture. In fact, whether you go to AmsterdamAnd Rotterdam or UtrechtAnd you can enjoy beautiful bike rides along the canals, cafes or even Many museums such as the Van Gogh Museum.

Furthermore it, The Netherlands is not short of culinary specialities. In fact, you will have the opportunity to taste Gouda cheese famous traditional Strobowafel Or many other typical dishes and snacks.

The Dutch are open people to others and those concerned with the environment. So it is a country where life is good and you meet great people. finally, English is a language developed in the Netherlands This means that many undergraduate programs are offered in English. This is a great advantage if you want to study there!

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