What are outings for the week from March 22nd to March 28th?

UP TV for men Neighborhood

  • Baker Street Erriolants on Netflix.

In Victorian London, a gang of street youth work to solve crimes on behalf of villain Watson and his mysterious partner, Sherlock Holmes. As the crimes take a miraculous turn and bring out a dark force, these young detectives will have to spite themselves to unite together to save London, but also the entire world.

Online March 26.

  • Invincible in Amazon Prime Video

With the success of The Boys on Amazon Prime Video and the launch of Marvel’s MCU Phase 4 with WandaVision on Disney +, superheroes are determined to extend their dominance to the small screen. The series will follow the original story of Mark Grayson (Stephen Yoon, seen in The Walking Dead and Burning), a young teen who is none other than Omni-Man’s son (JK Simmons, seen in Spider-Man, Whiplash), the world. The greatest superhero.

It was released on March 26.

  • La Temperance Sur Amazon Prime Video.

A dramatic love story set in the 1860s in Mexico, Cuba, London and Spain.

Online March 26.

  • Season 2 Breeders on Channel +.

Resume the difficult parenting lives of Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard. The series with humor explores the difficult-to-admit paradox that accompanies parents: on the one hand, they are ready to die for their children, and on the other hand, they want to kill them.

March 23 online.

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