Wesker’s translator wants Alice in season two

After the Paul W.S. Anderson franchise and (underestimated) Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon CityIt’s Netflix’s turn to tackle Capcom with (still) Constantin in production. Chance for a new story after the events of Raccoon City in a city called New Raccoon City. We follow Albert Wesker, played by the excellent Lance Riddick (the wire), who moved there with her two daughters, Billy and Jed. But as you can imagine, nothing goes as planned and the famous T virus escapes from the place in South Africa. The series is divided into two timelines: one in the present and one in the future when a large part of humanity collapses. And inevitably, fans are clamoring for Season 2 to learn more about Legends of vampire Who clings to the video game franchise Through a bunch of twists and turns.

And Lance Riddick has an idea for future episodes. Prepared by Milla Jovovich, Alice’s translator in the Paul W.S. Anderson films.

Credit: Netflix

A common wish during an interview with ComicBook (via ScreenRant).

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Lance Reddick loves Resident Evil movies

The universe connected to vampire Ready to expand to Netflix by incorporating Paul W.S. Anderson films? Lance Riddick, Albert Wesker’s translator on the series, doesn’t seem to be against the idea. During an interview with ComicBook, the actor shared his desire for season two while specifying that he never played games.

However, the guy talks about a wealth of characters and interest in returning Alice as Milla Jovovich to the film franchise.

It’s very complicated because I haven’t played games but I’ve seen most of the movies. There was a summer when for two weeks, don’t ask me why, I watched them till four in the morning. But honestly, the movies are so full of action that Milla Jovovich’s character is the only one I can remember. I think it would be really interesting to see if and how his character could fit into the show.

Lance Riddick

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