Welcome to the year 2050, where the British monarchy has been abolished

Science Fiction – All good things must come to an end, even the British monarchy. On the occasion of Charles III’s coronation, 20 Minutes has the DeLorean go to the year 2050, where the royal family has disappeared across the Channel.

From our future special correspondent,

Starbucks Coffee Palace in all its splendor stands in front of the Miran family, who came as tourists London This month of May 2050. “To be able to buy coffee there is crazy. In my time, it was a houseQueen Elizabeth II Father François says, nostalgic for what has become Former Buckingham Palace. upon hearing this Frenchie Evoking the former Queen of England, customers stop their purchases and tell her to “shut up,” sharp with the usual phlegm British. not this Englishmen She became a slut in three decades. But a topic Monarchywho died fifteen years ago, is still very sensitive to the country.

Who would have believed in 2023, when the king will be crowned Charles IIIthat he will be the last ruler kingdom ? “The monarchy is deeply rooted in the hearts of the British,” recalls* Christian Lekesen, a professor at Sciences Po who specializes in European issues. Except for a hiatus of eleven years in the seventeenth century, after the beheading of Charles I – a damned first name for sure – Britons have long known a king for more than a thousand (…] Read more in 20 minutes

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