Weight loss: The 3:2 method will change the way you eat fruits and vegetables

We all know the motto: To be healthy, you must eat 5 fruits and vegetables.. Public health advice that we try to apply more or less rigorously, but in the face of which we sometimes find ourselves a little helpless. We often ask ourselves the question, should we be eating five fruits and five vegetables a day? Or a total of 5 fruits and vegetables per day? A new method, highlighted by worldwideHowever, this habit can be simplified.

its name ? Method 3: 2who suggests clarifying the principle of 5 fruits and vegetables a day, because it doesn’t actually specify There is no exact proportion or quantity.

So the idea is a guarantee Better distribution of their daily intake of fruits and vegetables By eating three servings of vegetables for two servings of fruit, in order to reach the required total amount of five. Hence the name “3:2”.

Method 3: 2: Vegetables are more expensive than fruits?

It seems easier to give a greater share to vegetables in our dishes, in the sense that there is more variety in them, but also because they are generally healthier than fruits. These foods are mostly high in sugars and therefore should be eaten in moderation while paying attention to their product line. Among the advantages that can be obtained from the regular consumption of fruits and vegetables: a significant contribution of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and also of fiber that will help at the same time stimulate transit and eliminate toxins to ensure better digestion.

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