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The highly anticipated Netflix series “Wednesday” has revealed a little more with a new trailer. In the program: Monsters, Inquiry, Uncle Nted and … The Return of Christina Ricci.


In his first collaboration with Netflix, Tim Burton is immersed in the world of Wednesday, the famous daughter of the Addams family. In this 8-episode series, a geeked teen joins Nevermore Academy, a prestigious school for students with different and extraordinary abilities.

Once he arrives, a series of murders has shaken the calm in the neighboring town. On Wednesday, it’s a chance to investigate and uncover dark secrets.

Check out the new trailer:

Halfway between horror and comedy, the series reinvents Charles Adams as a challenging heroine. The new trailer, which was revealed on Sunday, October 9, reveals a few surprises, the first of which is the actor playing Uncle Fateed.

Fred Armisen plays the role. The actor, very popular in the United States, is best known for being one of the standout comedians on Saturday Night Live.

Another surprise for this trailer is of course Christina Ricci. The actress, who played Wednesday Adams in two of Barry Sonnenfeld’s films, has already been announced for series casting. Now her character has been revealed: she is Marilyn Thornhill, a teacher and dormitory supervisor at Nevermore Academy.

For information, it is Gina Ortega (Scream) who succeeded him in the guise of Wednesday Adams. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzman play parents Morticia and Gomez Adams. In the role of the headmaster, we also find Gwendolyn Christie (Star Wars, Game of Thrones).

Wednesday, November 23 on Netflix.

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