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How to remove snow from the roof yourself

If you want to clear the snow yourself, instead of calling an expert, Roofing Megastore experts offer the following tips:

1. The best way to remove snow from your roof is to use an ice rack, which is used to remove snow from the roof above ground level – much safer than working at height.

2. If you do not have an ice rack, do not use metal tools as they can damage the roofing materials.

3. Go down from the roof ridges (high point) and leave a few inches of snow instead of scratching your roof to reduce the chance of damage.

4. Be careful where you move the snow, do not leave it in front of doors or pile snow on the roof, even if you plan to remove it later.

5. Finally, it is safe to remove snow from your roof. You can always call an expert or wait until the ice melts.

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