Weather Forecast Live – சிறிய11 ° C Arctic eruption in days as UK’s winter meteor strikes ‘minor winter’

How to stay safe on the roads

Winter can be a dangerous time on UK roads, with slippery and dangerous weather making every run a bit dangerous.

But by preparing your car for the colder months, you can protect yourself and your passengers from some dangers.

Check your tires – Your tires are the most important safety device in your car.

Recharge your glass washer – Windshield washer fluid is an important but often overlooked area in car maintenance. In winter, this is especially important because the roads are covered with stones and mud, which will spray on your glass and block your view.

Clean your windows – Use the opportunity to make sure your windows are clean while you are at it. You are not likely to focus too much on your car’s windows, side windows and rear windows, and in a year there will be pollen, dust and glaze on the glass.

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