Wearing masks: Three women attacked and coughed up an Uber driver

Three passengers exploded and then one of them coughed up a San Francisco Uber driver after the latter asked someone to wear a mask inside the car.

The video taken by the camera installed inside the car and posted on Instagram by ABC7 journalist spread on social networks.

In it, we see a passenger in the back seat sitting behind the driver. Moments later, the woman takes off her mask and screams “F *** the mask” before coughing at the driver.

“He asked one of the women to wear a mask and said that they started provoking him and hurling racist insults at him,” wrote journalist Dion Lim as part of his publication.

Then the woman grabbed the man’s cell phone, causing a car quarrel.

The other two women – one wearing the mask properly, the other with the chin lowered – were heard mocking the driver as the accident happened.

Of Nepali descent, Subhakar has been flying Uber for three years now in the northern California city.

According to the facts given by Ms. Lim, the quarrel intensified when the driver asked them to get out of the car. She said, which is what they refused to do.

In the end, the three women got out of the car. But Subhacker says the event is not an isolated case. A complaint has been filed with the police.

The journalist also notes that an Uber representative told her in writing that “the behavior seen in the video is appalling” and that “the rider is banned from Uber.”

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