“We want the United States to keep an eye on Senegal …”

Aizadah Doll quickly expressed his desire to see the United States show more interest in Senegal. The Foreign Minister and the Senegalese Foreign Minister commented that Uncle Sam’s country should “keep both eyes open” on our country.

“The United States supports Senegal. We have a lot of plans together. He cited the MCA; We have signed a second agreement with the US government that will be dedicated to energy, how to bring electricity to our villages, to our cities, to our population wherever we are. This is a huge development challenge for us, USA, to help us through MCA. He also cited the Built Back Better effort to create a new world, a better world after we know it. The United States is playing a very important role, and Senegal wants to play its part. Some Senegalese projects will be subject to this initiative. I can cite as an example the railway we think can be funded to open the railway line between us and Malik, and why, the North Highway to St. Louis, ”the Senegalese embassy underlined. .

Aïssata Tall Sall used the opportunity to solicit US support for funding fossil fuels. During the last climate meeting in Glasgow, the industrialized nations jointly stopped funding for fossil fuels. The Senegalese president has strongly condemned this. His Secretary of State echoed his cries from the bottom of his heart before US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen, who supported the need for a country like the United States to support Senegal to promote these oil and gas discoveries.

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