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looking for loses the the weight Or just to be healthier? We have the drink idea.

magic drink?

As reported by the site Mary France, a very simple and good combination that allows to be in top shape and be healthier. About refreshing water, made of juice to lemon Based on seeds to chia. A combination that may sound simple, but it works effectively on our bodies. the reason ? This combination detoxifies thanks Advantages Lemon and chia seeds. Associates, these Organism purification elementsWeight loss highlights and limit accumulation to bad cholesterol. No, it’s not a joke.

  • The virtues of chia seeds

It may seem surprising that these little seeds have virtues satisfyAnd detoxification as well as facilitate digestion. Another plus, chia seeds also fight holding. Practical, right? their appearance gelatinous It is also gentle on the palate.

we don’t offer it anymore, lemon It has a lot benefits. with her vitamin C, High in citric acid and pectin, this citrus fruit helps Motivate there digestion And from here facilitates. Lemon also has a diuretic action, as indicated Mary France ? The result: it’s perfect for exclude component speed OrganismAnd better digestion, and remove toxins from the body. Thanks to these different assets, lemon juice facilitates weight loss and can therefore work effectively if it is associated with Healthy food And in one Regular physical activity.

How do you prepare this drink?

To prepare this drink, there is nothing simpler. Simply pour the equivalent of 100ml of water into a tablespoon of chia seeds. Then mix it all up. When the seeds become gelatinous, they are ready. Then add 200 ml of lemon juice. Mix everything and you’re done! You can drink this drink throughout the day, alternating with water. according to Mary Francethere consumption Who is this Drink it will be recommended Before breakfast in the morning to prepare the body to absorb the food eaten during the day.

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