‘We relive the space of one night’: Malvern opens its doors for 400 people at Arzon – licensed disco to reopen their doors

It was barely nine in the evening in Arzon when Lucy arrived in front of Malvern. “I never got to a nightclub very early, but I wanted to make sure I got tested,” says the person who, in vain, tried to get the famous QR code at the pharmacy, to validate the health card. “I learned at 6pm that there would only be a few tests available at the entrance and that all the screening centers were overcrowded.”

Bertel and Lucas are in the same situation. Their goal: Take the test, and come back for a drink at the bar, before getting back to the strokes at 1am. “I hope this doesn’t turn on the mascara,” Bertel said. A few tears still escaped from his hazel eyes. But she wipes them off very quickly. “At worst, who cares, it’s waterproof.” Evening, he wouldn’t waste it on the world. “We’ve been waiting for this for almost two years! So, one more test or less…we’re ready for anything.

The key, the cell phone, the money … and the bio card

The tail of the PCR tests is getting longer. 12:30 p.m. “Carte vitale?” Naya asks about the 87th time. Four samples came voluntarily from Paris to help Brice Bono and his team at the opening. Tirelessly, they repeat the same control gestures. “Back! I hear nothing.”

Elise, a nurse from Presqu’île, enters participant information on the government’s website and delivers the long-awaited QR codes. “I’ve had many parties in Malvern! It is with great pleasure that I ensure that young people can have a great time today,” she says. In total, 122 tests were performed. “We didn’t have any positive and that’s fine,” leave the volunteers.

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“It was an evening not to be missed! “

Susie and Tiffin issue the swabs as proof of entry. Before Marie and Fluffy check the health clearances. In the end, it takes three checkpoints to get to the dance floor and get to one of the two main rooms of Malvern. Steps that do not discourage Solin.

At the age of forty-two, she knew the nightclub well, having danced there a lot before it closed. “Before, we were just wondering who would be driving. Now we wonder if we had been vaccinated, if we had taken our test… It is a real step to go to the club. But it was an evening not to be missed!”

We live again for one night

The energy emanating from the place proves that he is right. Once inside, you forget the time to immerse yourself in a medieval world. Or simply in the pre-Covid-19 era. Inside, no mask is required. “We probably wouldn’t have come if we had to wear them,” Brandon admits. A cigarette in one hand, a glass of Redbull vodka in the other, laughing in a corner of the smoking room. “It’s as if we forgot the existence of the virus. We live again for one night.”

Sweet words and anger for life

It’s three in the morning and the paper is flying. Thick smoke enveloped the room. “Are you hot tonight?” DJ Nicky Laurenz sets the mood for an already crowded room. Lucas and Bertil engage in a rock, while a couple swings in an imaginary cage. In the next room, artist Firas raises his audience’s fists to a full-bodied house. Everyone finds their happiness. Between the halls of the establishment is exchanged Fresh words and embracing bodies.

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“We need physical contact, it’s good to see people again,” Mallo explains. “We stayed locked in our rooms, locked in on ourselves for too long. We want to live.” It’s already 4:30 in the morning and the energy isn’t running out. Before departure, Thais will undergo a final examination, a breathalyzer, which is more traditional in the evening. “This party was amazing. This is what was missing from the peninsula. I like to come and dance with my parents, and why not my grandparents. That’s fine, we’ll be back tomorrow.”

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