We need to develop women’s semi-hockey

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is the governing body of hockey on the international scene through the IPC (International Ice Hockey Committee).

Sports leaders want to address the development of women’s para hockey. After setting up start-up camps around the world for a few years, now is the time to move it one step further.

At the moment, we don’t have a swimming pool for the Women’s World Championships. We’ll start organizing a file WorldChallenge in 2022says Michelle Laflame, director of the IPC’s Handicapped Hockey Committee.

Lena Schroeder was part of the Norwegian bobsleigh hockey team at the 2018 games.

Photo: AFP/Getty Images/Ed Jones

The goal is to have an annual event dedicated solely to women’s teams so you have a large enough squad for the World Championships and then be part of the Paralympics program in the future.Director confirms.

The 2022 Challenge will take place in the fall, and details will be announced by the end of April if all goes well. There are currently three countries with a women’s team: Canada, the United States and Great Britain. The fourth team will consist of players from different countries.

We want these players to have a positive experience and for the three Swedes, for example, to go home to convince other women to join her in making a team.Laflamme said.

The goal is to get 5 or 6 teams in 2025 for the first world championship. We will apply for the 2026 Paralympics, but it’s much more realistic for 2030. »

Quote from Michelle Laflame, Director of the Barra Hockey Committee at CIP

The interview for this article was conducted a few hours before the bronze medal match between China and South Korea. The Director of the Federation expressed his happiness with the progress of the competition. There were no major issues and the coronavirus restrictions and closed bubble didn’t cause major headaches.

But the journey to get to Beijing was more complicated. The process of qualifying and classifying the athletes, which usually takes two years, was completed in six months, due to the pandemic.

The committee is not a large organization although it is part of the IPC.

Laflamme has been in business since January 2020 and is the only employee. She is originally from Makosh, Quebec. Before moving to Germany, she worked for a Canadian hockey club, most notably the Junior Hockey World Championships in Montreal and Vancouver.

A few years ago, I worked for the Senate in Ottawa.

His first experience with the Paralympic movement dates back to the Pan American and Paraben American Games in Toronto in 2015.

When the IOC members arrived and we took charge of the Paralympic side, they were truly extraordinary people, says Laflame. The level of competition was a real thing. I couldn’t understand how strong these athletes were and how amazing they were.

Since then, she has continued her interest in the Paralympic movement and when her contract in Vancouver expired, the position she now holds was available. With her experience she was the successful candidate.

Laflamme has always been immersed in the world of hockey. She never played, but from the age of 13 she followed her older cousin who was playing at the AAA level dwarf. She volunteered her services to sell tickets, advertise for teams, or write articles on their website. After going up the ladder, you are now at the top of the pyramid.

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