“We must salute political victory” to Patrick Martin-Jr.

The vertical division of the virus, suspended schools, saturated hospitals … The corona virus epidemic continues to rage in France. To get out of the subway, you need to get inspiration from the UK: There were no deaths in London on Monday 29 March, From six months. On the same day the country began its second phase of restructuring, especially by meeting six people and making it possible to play outside. Goal: Live without restrictions this summer.

As France tries to vaccinate, 60% of the British population received the first dose of the vaccine, Or 30 million people. “This is a real victory, whether we like Boris Johnson or not. We must recognize the success of politics, business and health,” said Patrick Martin-Jenner, a professor of science and an expert in Europe.

Although More than 1,000 deaths every day in January, The UK was able to “free itself from the European bureaucracy” to manage the crisis, he continues. The author refers to the decision not to stop vaccinating with Astrogeneka, especially when there are “significant negotiators”, “extraordinarily juicy business deals”, severe imprisonment or suspicion.

New vaccine made in the UK

On March 29, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a “major deal” with the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline: 60 million doses of novovax will be produced in the Northeast UK, Which will probably allow the country to keep its vaccine at the forefront.

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