We have tested satellite SMS on Android, and it works really well

Bullitt has teamed up with Caterpillar and Motorola to present a smartphone that is not only highly durable, but also capable of sending SMS via satellite. we tell you.

Cat S75 can send short messages via satellite // Source: Frandroid

If you wanted to send SMS via satellite today, it seems impossible. iPhone 14 does not allow this, because they have put themselves on the SOS dispatch system. Qualcomm has announced that its chips will soon be able to take advantage of it, but for now, that is no longer the case. Therefore, we thought that it is still impossible to test this solution. Standing up at MWC 2023 proved us wrong.

Caterpillar (now called Cat) already includes a model that can take advantage of satellite communications, the Cat S75. Yes, you read that correctly, Caterpillar, the construction equipment company, has managed to beat out Samsung, Apple, and all the others on a technology that is bound to win. Not surprisingly, the construction giant is interested. Clearly, the use of satellite communications is essential for workers in uncovered areas.

Cat S75 can send short messages via satellite // Source: Frandroid

Be warned, Caterpillar isn’t actually the manufacturer of this device, it’s actually a company called Bullitt, which pays a license to Caterpillar to sell its devices using a well known acronym. In North America, the same Cat S75 also called Motorola brand sells more easily there, as the brand is still in the top three in terms of sales.

geostationary orbit

Of course, Bullet does not have its own fleet of satellites. In order to use this new technology, the company relied on two service providers: Inmarsat and Echostar. These two companies give them access to a network of geostationary satellites, which means they are always in the same place relative to Earth’s orbit. The main concern for the user is that there is no need to raise your arm to get contact, because the machine does not move over your head.

Ultimately, Bullitt’s coverage aims to be relatively broad, even if the company excludes certain areas that won’t necessarily be used on a daily basis, like oceans. By the end of March, both Europe and the United States should be covered. Australia, New Zealand, Latin America and Africa are expected to follow in 2023.

It works well?

During a demonstration, a Bullitt member sent an SMS from a Cat S75 to a completely ordinary smartphone. The process took about a minute. It takes about 30 seconds to establish the connection and 30 seconds to receive the text once it’s gone. Even if it seems a bit long, in an emergency text exchange, we can say that just waiting a minute is already very convincing.

To take advantage of the service, you only need to buy a smartphone and you will get 12 months of sending SOS for free. For sending SMS, up to a maximum of 35 per month, it costs 5 euros per month. Once the 12-month period is over, to continue to benefit from SOS, you have to pay 3 € per month.

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