We compared this AI’s sense of humor to that of Siri

Huffpost ChatGPT’s interface can sometimes make jokes happen – like when its servers are down.


ChatGPT’s interface can sometimes make jokes happen – like when its servers are down.

B.TECH – What is the end of the world? Where is Elvis Presley? Can you tell me a joke? All these questions we asked Siri whenan Apple We launched the Voice Command app in 2011. Eleven years later, we did the same thing but with ChatGPT, the chatbot that rocks Silicon Valley Since its opening to the general public. To the point where its designers, California startup OpenAI, are talking to investors about going public with an estimated valuation of $29 billion, according to an article in The Guardian. Wall Street Journal Posted on January 5th.

OpenAI has already been talked about with Waved, an artificial intelligence (AI) program capable of creating images from text descriptions. To summarize, ChatGTP-3 is able to do the same thing, but with text: a bot can answer a wide variety of questions, be able to explain scientific concepts, write a theater scene, write a university thesis … or lines of running computer code perfectly.

Such an impressive performance that they are re-launching the discussion about the risks associated with AI technologies. But unlike Siri, it lacks one thing: humor.

Two completely different types of AI systems

When you ask Siri where it is Elvis PresleyHere is his response: “My sources refer to Area 51. But, I can’t tell you more, it’s classified as a defense secret…”. A response that makes you smile.

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ChatGPT remains more realistic: “I’m sorry, but I’m unable to answer this question because I’m a computer language model and I don’t have access to real-time information. Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977, so his current whereabouts are unknown.” You can compare these responses in the screenshots below.

Screenshots of Siri's responses
Huffpost Screenshots of Siri’s responses


Screenshots of Siri’s responses

Screenshot of questions asked on ChatGPT
OpenIA Screenshot of questions asked on ChatGPT


Screenshot of questions asked on ChatGPT

The difference between these answers comes from the difference in the design of these two types of AI. Siri has preset responses. “It is based on a huge decision tree. When a question is asked, the system will follow the tree and go from branch to branch to find the correct answer. This tree was built in advance with the help of experts, but it is not a self-learning system.”explains Alexei Greenbaum, director of research and chair of the CEA’s Digital Ethics Experimental Operational Committee. So, thanks to the people who designed it, it can give you answers that are distinct from others.

This is the whole difference with ChatGPT whose software is based on deep learning (where Deep learning). This system, which has already made giant strides in the field of artificial intelligence, allows increasingly complex programs to learn, and no longer simply spits out sentences that it has learned by heart. The databases it is fed into – including Wikipedia and its tens of millions of entries – act like a textbook. “ChatGPT will collect a huge data set for months and teach itself how to answer human questions”Alexei Greenbaum explains.

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ChatGPT remains the most advanced chatbot. He can write poems, essay or story for children. So we’re a long way from the little questions to ask Siri. “It’s much easier to make ChatGPT a virtual friend than Siri, because she can talk about all the topics in the world, Alexei Greenbaum confirms. But you have to teach ChatGPT a little empathy, empathy, humor… She has these things, but she has to learn to release them at the right time. »

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