Wave of appointment cancellations due to COVID

Hairdressers, tattoo artists, and physiotherapists: The headache of cancellation has begun again for professionals working with appointments due to the surge in COVID-19 cases.

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“The really boring thing is that it often happens at the last minute [que les gens apprennent qu’ils sont positifs ou cas contact]so even if we do have a waiting list, we can’t fill in the void on a canceled appointment,” said Alexandre Anttell, co-owner of the Prussian Hair Salon in Montreal.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has been the same for professionals who provide services by appointment. With each new wave of pollution, cancellations follow each other at the same rate as cases are rising.

But for some time, the problem aggravated, as some specialists explained. This phenomenon is also prevalent in Quebec, according to Janie Pierre, of Studio Tattoo Shack.

“In one week, about ten appointments were canceled and two of our tattoo artists had COVID-19. Fortunately, we still had a lot of people calling us and letting us fill in the gaps,” explains the person who takes care of the reservations.

revenue losses

When cancellations cannot be filled out, it can result in hundreds of dollars in lost revenue.

“In the past three weeks, it’s been canceling almost every day. Fortunately, we do ask for deposits, so it cushions losses a bit, but it doesn’t cover a single business day,” explains Paul Vernaudon, tattoo artist at Studio Zen Tattoo, in Laval.

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Jean-Francois Trudel, owner of Studio Zen Tattoo, adds, “A $200 deposit does not compensate for the 20 hours of work done for the design.”

On the side of the Physi-Osteo Stadium Clinic, in Montreal and Longueuil, it is feared that the sixth wave of pollution will increase this phenomenon, which has been especially present since January.

“Of course it has a financial impact on the clinic, but also on the employees who sometimes finish early and therefore work fewer hours,” says Annael Beaulieu, operations coordinator.

The same applies to hairdressing salons, where stylists rent their own working chairs.

“If the customer doesn’t come, the hairdresser loses money,” adds Alexander Antill.

Not just COVID

The pandemic isn’t the only one responsible for many last-minute cancellations, laments Felicio Rosso, owner of Lamèche Salon in Montreal.

“Since we’ve been able to reopen, people are now calling multiple salons to make an appointment and only showing up to whomever suits them, but without telling others,” he says.

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