Watch out for the Netflix payment scam!

“Last payment for your subscription declined, you must update before 11/26/2022. Quick go to netflixfrance-tv,” the malicious text message is currently using Netflix to try to hack your contact data banking. Again be careful, do not click or enter your bank account details.

how to deal :

As a reminder, Netflix does not send SMS to its customers, even less in this imperative, almost aggressive tone. If they need to reach you, the broadcast hero will pass through the app. If in doubt, open your Netflix app, and if you have a payment issue, the app will tell you.

  • If you are not a subscriber

Do nothing and fear not, Netflix won’t charge you bogus fees

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What do you do with fraudulent text messages?

Do not click on any links. Before destroying the SMS, you can block the sender, by blocking them, these SMS end up decreasing a bit, but there will be no false hopes always.

  • Block SMS on iPhone: Open the SMS, touch the number at the top and then touch the button Information. Then select Block this caller (marked in red at the bottom), then select Call blocking. Then go back to the general list of SMS to delete the SMS.
  • Block SMS on Android: Open the SMS, your phone sometimes directly offers to block the number (top right) if it detects that it is fraudulent, in this case touch the button to block. If the button is not displayed, tap the three dots in the upper right, then select Call blocking. Finish by selecting Delete Conversation and then pressing to block.
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If you are an Orange subscriber, You can install the free application orange phone Which we talked about in our article Scam SMS and Calls: How to Recognize and Avoid Them? It is very effective in reducing these type of calls and texts.

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