Washington imposes sanctions on Congolese businessman Alain Mukunda

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The sanctions imposed by the US Treasury come in the wake of Alan Mukunda’s relationship with Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler, who was accused by the US Treasury of acting as an intermediary in the sale of mining assets in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In total, there are 12 companies residing in the Democratic Republic of the Congo but also in Gibraltar whose accounts were frozen following the sanctions of OFAC, OFAC.

In its press release, the US authorities justified the sanctions imposed on Alan Mukunda and twelve of his companies for the supporting role he played with Dan Gertler.

In 2017, the Israeli billionaire was placed under US sanctions. Then the Treasury accused him of acting as a broker in the sale of mining assets in the Democratic Republic of Congo and of raising hundreds of millions of dollars through opaque contracts in the country. The facts he always denied.

Alan Mukunda then opened several bank accounts and repeatedly transferred funds to accounts indirectly owned by Dan Gertler.

In sixteen deals, between 11 and 13.5 million dollars ended up in the accounts of companies belonging to the family of the Israeli businessman. Alain Mukonda will also resettle several companies owned by Dan Gertler, which she is now establishing in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The US Treasury now claims to bring the number of companies and individuals close to Dan Gertler under sanction to 46, and is committed to supporting anti-corruption efforts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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