Washington | A police officer is killed by a car near the Capitol, and Biden is “destroyed”

(Washington) The US Capitol was attacked again on Friday when a young man rushed his car towards the police officers, killing an officer and wounding another before he was shot.

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Joe Biden said he was “devastated” by the act, which took place nearly three months after the deadly attack on Congress headquarters in Washington, led by pro-Trump demonstrators who included far-right activists.

This time, the attack did not appear to have been carried out by a white supremacist.

The police did not reveal the identity of the suspect, who brandished a knife before shooting him. But US media claimed it was Noah Green, a 25-year-old black man.

Image from Twitter

The suspect in the attack, Noah Green

They published his photo, as well as the picture of his Facebook page, in which he expressed sympathy with the leader of the “Nation of Islam” movement, Louis Farrakhan, who he regularly condemned for making anti-Semitic statements.

Washington Police Chief Robert Conte said earlier that the attack did not appear to be “terrorism-related, but it is clear that we will continue the investigation.”

The elected representatives in Congress are on a parliamentary recess this week, but some members of their teams, employees, journalists and police were present during these events that took place in the early afternoon.

All these Capitol regulars still suffered from the trauma of the January 6 attack that left five people dead, including one police officer.

“We know how difficult times are for the Capitol building, for everyone who works there and for those who protect it,” Biden said in a statement, and he ordered flags to be drafts of federal public buildings.

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Capitol Police said at the end of the day that the second policeman was in “stable” condition and his life “was not in danger.”

” one more time ”

Soon National Guard soldiers took up positions on Friday around the imposing white building and near police checkpoints blocking the road. They have been deployed to Washington since the January attack.

On a large nearby street, the attacker’s blue car remained sealed by a barrier for several hours before being transported.

“The suspect hit two of our officers with his car,” then hit a barrier, said Yogananda Pitman, captain of the Washington Capitol Police.

“At that point, the suspect got out of the car with a knife in hand” and “started walking towards the officers,” who “shot” him. He died around 1:30 pm.

Capitol Police Chief announced the death of her agent, William Evans, who had been serving their services for 18 years, with a voice cut out of emotion.

French Press Agency

Police officer William Evans succumbed to his wounds after being struck by the suspect.

“The Capitol Police are going through a very difficult period since the events of January 6,” she said.

US Vice President and former Senator Kamala Harris praised the courage of the agents “who protect the Capitol, especially at this difficult time, when they were subjected to two violent and murderous attacks.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ordered the half-masted flags on the Capitol building to be lowered in honor of the deceased police officer “martyr for our democracy.”


“Today, once again, these heroes risked their lives to protect the Capitol and our country,” she wrote.

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Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “Once again, brave Capitol Police officers have come under violent attack while simply doing their job.”

Remove barriers

The walls of the Capitol were placed under very high protection after the attack in early January.

Recently, some barriers have been removed, and security boundaries have been tightened around the main building and its famous dome.

The events took place near a checkpoint on the side of the Senate, where many parliamentarians entered while Congress was in session.

Several thousand Donald Trump supporters stormed the Congress seat on January 6, when elected officials endorsed his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, winning the presidential election.

Five people were killed in the attack, and more than 300 people have been arrested so far in connection with their participation in the attack.

On charges of “inciting rebellion” by the House of Representatives, the Senate acquitted former President Donald Trump after a harsh trial in February.

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