Was it planned by Netflix?

sweet tooth Returns to Netflix with a second season, after a two-year wait. After a highly regarded first season, Gus’ adventures to save other hybrids did not fail to climb back into the top 10 of the podium. But the question now arises: what about sweet tooth Season 3? Well, looks like we already have some answers…

summary: After the planet suffered the “Great Crash”, many humans began to succumb to strange mutations. In this ruined world, Gus, a half-boy, half-deer hybrid, gets involved with a misfit on various adventures…

After the huge success of the first season, it was evident that the second season of sweet tooth Will appear. However, the question still arises regarding the potential sequel.

sweet tooth Season 3: Possible confirmation very soon

If Netflix has yet to formalize the third season of the hit series, it looks like the platform is still checking for renewal. Indeed, recently, the site What’s on Netflix reported confirmation for this Season 3, citing several sources. However, the creator of the series Jim Mickle The beans haven’t been spilled yet sweet tooth Season 3. recently asked by Hollywood Live This guy has just confirmed that he’s “in the process of contemplating season 3.”

“We have a lot of exchanges (with the authors)! But right now, we’re mostly thinking about Season 2…”

Not very accurate data, but makes sense when you know the secrecy that surrounds this type of project. It’s unlikely that Jim Mickel will confirm this Season 3 before Netflix officially gives the green light. However, we can probably expect an announcement very soon from the platform to answer this question.

Until then, you can catch up on Seasons 1 and 2 of sweet tooth Streaming on Netflix.


  • Christian Convery: Gus
  • Nonso Anozie: Tommy Gibberd
  • Adeel Akhtar: Aditya Singh
  • Aliza Villani: Rani Singh
  • Will Forte: the father
  • Naledi Murray: Wendy
  • Stefania Owen: bear
  • Dania Ramirez: Amy Eden

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