Warzone Streamer CHOW1 is spied on by Netflix

Yann “CHOWH1” Latapie is one of the most followed French streaming players in France on Call of Duty: Warzone and is also known by Netflix France.

Since the arrival of Warzone in March 2020, many battle royale players or even other video game prospects have headed to the new BR designed by the Call of Duty team. This is especially the case for many players of Fortnite, PUBG, or even Apex Legends who want to change the landscape.

CHOWH1 has been playing battle royale games for many years, being one of the first streaming players on H1Z1, being able to adapt to the Call of Duty universe to fly over Warzone, and has even been accused of cheating at times.

Instagram @chowh1

CHOWH1 is one of the most followed streamers on Warzone in France.

Very early August 11, CHOWH1 posted a tweet on his personal account where he talked about the Netflix series “New Amsterdam” that will prevent him from sleeping early. This tweet was not missed by the community manager for the Netflix France account who was visible on standby on the Twitch live stream from Warzone.

Like what, sometimes we can connect two giant streaming platforms like Netflix and Twitch without having to compare them.

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It’s certainly a lot of fun for CHOW1 to follow the official Netflix France account, but we shouldn’t pressure ourselves to get into an entertainment series like New Amsterdam.

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