Warner Bros. Discovery wants to launch its massive “HBO Discovery” platform earlier than expected

The schedule is accelerating for media giant Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD), Born April. Its video streaming platform, which combines HBO Max and Discovery+, will launch earlier: in spring 2023 in the US, rather than summer, and then in Europe in 2024 — including France where its partner OCS is on sale.

With nearly 100 million cumulative subscribers not only to pay channel HBO (including Cinemax) but also to streaming platforms HBO Max and Discovery+, up from 94.9 million on September 30, Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) feels the growth of wings. Subscription growth continues, with an additional 2.8 million customers gained in the third quarter. This is good for the American media and entertainment giants because time is running out: their traditional TV channels – HBO, CNN or TBS alongside the former WarnerMedia, and Eurosport, the Discovery Channel or MotorTrend alongside the former Discovery – are facing the cord-cutting phenomenon (known in the US when subscribers to cable channels to terminate their contract in favor of direct Internet access to audio-visual platforms) and advertising revenue declines on these same networks (i.e. national cable TV) falling 11% over a one-year period in the third quarter.

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This is “mainly due to declining audiences for our entertainment and current affairs programmes”. For the group led by David Zaslav (picture)So desperately needed to launch the massive streaming platform that combines HBO Max and Discovery+, its new name is about to be found: HBO Discovery? Warner discovery? WBD+? or just the above ? It’s also a matter of not falling far behind the three locomotives of global SVOD: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney +, with 223 million, 200 million, and 164.2 million subscribers, respectively. David Zaslav confirmed a month ago to analysts, while presenting third quarter results for WBD, that the new “HBO Discovery” streaming platform will be available in the US starting in the spring of 2023, not the following summer as originally announced. For Europe, it’s more complicated with HBO’s ongoing exclusive agreements with Sky (UK, Germany, Italy, etc.) and with OCS (France): we’ll have to wait

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