Wakesurfing, a popular wave sport in Dubai

Wakesurfing is one of the sports that is on the rise in the United Arab Emirates. À plusieurs égards, il est similaire au surf, mais les rouleaux de l”océan ne sont pas indispensables pour le pratiquer. génère une “vague perpétuelle”. Une fois sur leurs pieds, ils peuvent lâcher la corde, puis se placer dans le sillage de l’embarcation pour réaliser virages et figures. Sea.

“Best boats and most beautiful locations”

In Dubai, there are more than seven companies offering This activity In different locations and marine areas. sea ​​knights In Jumeirah is one of the many places one can try.

Rakmajeh founder Hassan Gad teaches the practice, but strives to create a community of snowboarders and snowboarders. “Dubai has a lot to offer in terms of sporting activities, in particular in water sports : We find the best boats and the most beautiful spots in the Sea Riders,” Confirms. “There’s no wave here, it’s one of the coolest seas to walk on” He laughs and congratulates himself that this sport is attracting more and more people.

“Wakesurfing appeals to those who love sports and want these conditions to learn and make progress,” Hassan Gad adds. “Today in international competitions, you can find Walker Walkers who started in the Emirates and I hope to do the same in the future,” trust.

“We have such a feeling of freedom when we surf”

And it’s not just beginners and amateurs who surf in Dubai. Wakesurf professionals come to the site in the winter or off-season to train in the sun all year round.

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Two professional snowboarders, Anthony and Jennifer Edwards, told us that Dubai has the right equipment and allows them to train when it’s too cold in the UK. “We have such a sense of freedom when we surf, forget all our worries, have fun, that’s it and get attached very quickly,” Jennifer says.

Her husband adds: “There are no better sensations, it is a sport that can be very frustrating at times because when you change a movement a little bit, you end up in the water. So when you do things perfectly, we are so happy!“He is excited.

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