Waitress fired after tipping $5,600

Generous tip given to waitress at restaurant in Arkansas, US, led to her firing, reports say Washington Post.

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On December 2, Ryan Brandt, of Oven & Tap in Bentonville, saw a customer report him $4,400, or more than $5,600 Canadian. This sum was agreed to be shared with one of her colleagues who helped her with the generous customer table service.

Boss Ryan Brant felt she had to share the money with the rest of the staff, including the chefs. But the waitress disagreed, saying that her superiors had never asked her to do this in the past.

However, she agreed to split the amount with her colleagues, before contacting the kind client who was very dissatisfied with the reaction of the owners of the facility.

So the businessman returned to the restaurant to demand compensation for his information. Once he got his money back, the client transferred it directly to Ryan Brandt and the other employee who served him on December 2.

After the shift, the 35-year-old employee’s bosses told her she was fired. They allegedly blamed him for telling the story to the client.

In addition, the entrepreneur launched a crowdfunding campaign on the site GoFundMe In order to raise money for the waitress who lost her job. As of December 19, more than $16,000 ($21,500 CAD) has been raised.

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After the story spread in several US media outlets, the owners of the restaurant threatened to sue Ryan Brandt because it would damage the reputation of the establishment.

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