Vote for “La Fabrique Francophone”, an artistic creation space in Cahors – Medialot

Cie Acetes and OCTopus RITMO participate in the participatory budget “Your Solutions for Culture”.

Cie Acetes and OCTopus RITMO, Cross-Arts … are joining forces to create the “La Fabrique Francophone” to be created in Cahors, in the heart of the city.

“ Her work is based on a space for artistic creativity in the performing arts, artist residencies, writing, exploration, research, theater practice place (workshops, artistic and cultural education projects, and stages), and a digital creativity studio focusing on audio, image and radio drama. A space has also been planned for literary resources on contemporary dramatic theater and writings, as well as shared offices, professional training, artistic and public meetings and events … Open to the world and more specifically directed at the French-speaking community, the project “La Fabrique Francophone” aims to bring together citizens of the world around a language Joint. Many of us are demanding more participation in the political decisions of our lands. Occitanie offers us a great opportunity to do this in terms of participatory budgets: your solutions for culture. We need your help! To do this, all you have to do is register on the site and vote, ”explained Cedric Broussard of La Cie Acitées and Mariette Bouillet of OCTopus RITMO.

> To vote:…/la-fabrique…

Every citizen of Occitanie can vote for 3 projects. In each department, the project that received the most votes will be awarded the requested grant.

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