Volleyball The Canadians are falling into the hands of the Brazilians

Not without serious fighting against Brazilians, Canadian volleyball players suffered a second setback at the end of their first week of their League of Nations activities on Sunday in Rimini, Italy.


Coach Glenn Hogg’s side, who were defeated by the US side on Friday and then beat Argentina on Saturday, conceded defeat this time in four groups from 25 to 17, 25 to 20, 22-25 and 27-25.

“In the first two halves, we couldn’t settle for our game,” admitted Nicholas Hogg, the receiving player, who scored eight goals during the match. “It was tough because the Brazilians were doing very well and they’re a team that rarely makes mistakes. It’s not easy to play against them.”

The maple leaf representatives can be comforted by saying they are the first to snatch a round of the Brazilians since the start of the tournament, who previously had a 3-0 victory over the United States and Argentina.

“After the first two sets, we played very well. It’s the little details that make the difference in the end,” added Nicholas Hogg.

The volleyball players will return to work on Thursday, still in Rimini. The Iranians, Bulgarians and Italians will be the next competitors for the Canadians.

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