Vocabulary: The counter-attack is ongoing

In My Tuesday paragraphI mentioned that every time we get frustrated, public knowledge raises its head.

An example from the world of education.

Everything is over

I have already told you about Got up Who took control of the entire social sciences departments in the universities.

They are activists disguised as researchers.

They often have the support of student unions, teachers’ unions, and many administrators.

Those who do not think like them are persecuted or keep quiet or keep quiet.

This ideology Got up Then penetrates into the basic textbooks of the entire education system.

Basically, for her, racism is everywhere.

It is only capable of genuine racism in all institutions, in all policies, and in all the minds of whites.

The story you were taught is a lie. according to this wokisme, A long series of atrocities committed by whites, and today’s people are not only guilty of today’s problems, but also the mistakes of their ancestors.

Obviously, this is not to deny the dark sides of Western history.

I only say that wokisme Only sees them.

You are now well aware of its wording: “legitimate” racism, cross-cutting, white privilege and the like.

All of these have a learned name: “Critical Race Theory”, or CRT.

In universities, we now see jobs where people say they want a “CRT Specialist”.

I come to the general knowledge I said at the beginning.

The wokisme Born in the United States, it has taken the form of counter-attack in the United States as well.

Review Economist We know that twenty-six U.S. states have introduced or are about to enact laws to ban or restrict the teaching of CRT at primary and secondary levels.

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Most of these states are in the hands of Republicans, but less likely to reduce the entire party to the image of Donald Trump, who has little interest in education.

Obviously, we don’t have to be naive.

Humans often want to censor opinions they deny, but seek freedom to promote their own.

Undoubtedly, many of these Republicans want to teach a clean, happy, glorious national story, with or without dark pages, almost as false as speech. Got up.


It is unusual to legislate what should be taught and what should not be taught.

When the state engages in educational content, it does as much harm as it does good.

It is also true that there is no reading of the past.

It is a question of providing students with a variety of possible readings, with maximum objectivity and goodwill.

But we will be happy: we want to put an end to a long slip.

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