Vivre en Châtaigneraie Association, a space for social life

boycapel. Met living in Chestnut Grove. The Vivre en Châtaigneraie held its general meeting in Morgau. Between municipalities and generations, recognized as a “social living space”, the association strives to successfully meet the expectations of the residents of the territory. The most popular activities remain the dance workshop every Wednesday, and hiking on Fridays and every Sunday, for a long time.

Creative and entertaining workshops are well attended: starting and improving computer science, learning to knit, making nest boxes…

Animation in History and Occitan

Most problematically, the choir ‘affected’ by Covid, is looking for a new choirmaster; Promoting car sharing with the Mov’ici platform is just a bit of a ‘skateboarding’ but the public authorities are taking over. The association is interested in introducing local heritage and motivating a group of amateur historians. In March 2022, a meeting concerned about twenty of these people in Saint-Constant, while several conferences, with the participation of the administrative archives, restored the history of the Château de Merle.

Another section of the association practices “la lengua nostra” and gives monthly entertainments in Occitan in nursing homes in Morse and Montsalvy.

For 2023, President Géraud Felgines, after succeeding for 10 years to the founder of the association, André Piganiol, wants to end this job. In addition, various activities and partnerships will continue, in particular a prepared hiking trip in Samouns (Haute-Savoie), another “day story” about the character of a fool from Puy Capel, Cantouil, who died in 1923, and a one-day Tour du Cantal By foot …

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