Virus: UK prepares to receive fully vaccinated foreigners

London | The British government said on Friday it hoped to unveil “in the next two weeks” its plans to allow people who have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus abroad to come to the UK without quarantine, such as those in Britain.

The CEO announced on Thursday that only British residents who have received two doses of the vaccine as part of the UK’s vaccination campaign will, from 19 July, be exempted from quarantine upon their return to England from several countries. Placed on the “orange list”, including tourist destinations such as France, Spain and Italy.

The announcement raised questions about the potential for relaxation for British expats or people living abroad who are vaccinated in other countries.

“This is something we are working very actively on,” Transport Secretary Grant Shapps told Sky News.

“In terms of timing, I think I’ll be able to say more in the next couple of weeks,” he added.

It’s a question of being able to “recognize other countries’ applications or certificates”, which would be “easier for certain places like the European Union”, which have a digital passport like the UK, than the US, where he stressed that certification systems differ greatly from country to country, especially in paper form.

According to the minister, one of the difficulties is also that the level of people fully vaccinated in other countries is generally lower than that of the UK.

Nearly 65% ​​of adults received two doses, and 86.6% a first dose in the country, facing a new wave of pollution due to the delta variable.

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Grant Shapps also defended the decision to allow 1,000 Italian fans to attend, without prior quarantine, the Euro final match between their country and England on Sunday at Wembley Stadium in London.

“They go live (to watch) football, they leave after 12 hours, and they can’t travel anywhere else,” he explained.

Many English fans had to forgo attending England’s quarter-final match against Ukraine in Rome in early July, due to the Italian authorities not being exempted from a strict five-day quarantine upon their arrival.

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