Virginia | The investigation into the arrest of a muscular black soldier

(Washington) Virginia Governor Ralph Northam ordered an investigation Sunday after photos were released showing two police officers pointing their guns at a black soldier and spraying his face with suffocating gas.

France Media

The footage shows Lieutenant Caron Nazario, a black and Latino man, repeatedly asking about his accusations and declaring “This is really nonsense” while the police order him to get out of his car. They will accuse him of refusing to cooperate.

Media reported that Nazario, in his uniform, was driving a new car without permanent license plates when police ordered him to stop. In the end he will be allowed to leave.

The Virginia governor said in a statement that he had asked the police to “conduct an independent investigation,” stressing that the video was “disturbing and (him) angry.”

The US police are often accused of racism and violence.

Police officer Derek Chauvin is on trial after he was accused last year of killing a black man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis by keeping his knee on his neck for more than nine minutes, a drama that sparked a historic wave of outrage against racism. in the United States of America.

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