Violent election charge against Amelie Paris (Netflix)

whether, if Emily in Paris Tempting many Netflix subscribers, the series with Lily Collins does not make some mayors and other elected officials smile despite its impact on tourism. And they are not shy about venting their boredom in a forum posted on launch.

conjure upIdeal Paris in saturated colors as well as “urban cartoonDavid Billiard (Deputy Mayor for Transport and Transformation of Public Space), Alexandre Florentin (Paris Councilor, initiator of the Paris Information and Assessment Mission Under 50°), Dan Laert (Deputy Mayor in charge of Climate and Environmental Transformation), Karen Petit (Mayor of the 14th Arrondissement) and Emmanuelle Pierre Marie (Mayor of District 12) They point a finger “The image of Paris is unchangeable, Disneyland Paris, limited to the limits of the ultra-middle and inhabited only by the rich, with a homogeneous and unchanging architectural heritage”.

A forgettable series about climate change

condemn “Instagrammable Paris” without “context or constraint.”which was featured in the Netflix series, they add that this vision of DC is, in fact, “undesirable and unworkable.”. “Emilys Paris has made a series of predicaments, in the first place, those related to the complete erasure of the constraints of climatic disturbances and scarcity of resources. And this constraint that we know is inevitable weighs heavily on us in general and on the future of Paris in particular “They continue, reminding that Paris is not “Adapting to the new climatic situation”.

Climate turmoil requires us to make drastic choices, in a set of constraints entirely absent from the series. With two main aspects in particular: public space is a rare and limited public good whose use requires making choices and the heritage dimension can prove to be a barrier to cities adapting to climate change.adding the signatories, concluding that it is necessary”Breaking out of the nostalgia of the stereotypical city and inventing a new aesthetic coherence that adapts to a changing world.”.

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