Vinyl continues to gain popularity in the United States (and France?)

The United States had its biggest week in vinyl sales since 1991.

In fact, vinyl sales in the United States hit a record high in the week ending December 22, with 2.2 million records sold.

This is the highest number recorded since music sales have been tracked electronically, and only the second time it has crossed the 2 million mark.

The previous record was set during the week ending December 23, 2021, when 2.1 million records were sold.

painting He points out that this is most likely due to Christmas shopping, as vinyl sales rose 46.7% between the previous week and the week ending December 22nd.

Billboard also reports that annual vinyl sales from 2021 to 2022 are up about 3.6%. So it’s no exaggeration to say that vinyl is still on the rise.

In another record-breaking week, vinyl accounted for 57% of all US album sales and 63% of all physical album sales, underlining the growing preference for consuming music in physical form.

Moreover, according to NMEA new study claims that vinyl is the second best-selling physical entertainment format, after Nintendo Switch games.

Although we could not find any (recent) data for France, it appears from anecdotal reports that the phenomenon in the United States is not exclusive to this country.

As an indication, in 2021 more than 5 million vinyls were sold in France, about three times more than what was sold in 2016.

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