Vienna: SCPI acquires the career center in Espace Saint-Germain

Foncières & Territoires bought the Pôle Emploi de l’Espace Saint Germain, said one of the transaction advisors, Sorovim.

Espace Saint Germain is located near the train station and the old center of Vienne, and is the third center of the city, with 25,000 square meters of offices and services in the heart of the city. It hosts nearly 100 public and private organizations – including Vienne Condrieu Agglomeration, the Viennese website of IUT 2 Université Grenoble Alpes and Pôle Emploi, the subject of sale – and nearly a thousand employees.

Sorofim said Monday that SCPI Cap Foncières & Territoires has acquired a 1,414-square-meter plot of land located in the New Orleans building, which houses public offices and reception areas, spread over 3 floors. “Fully completed with 28 outdoor parking spaces. The offices were handed over in 2013, and the offices were leased out by Pôle Emploi through a company lease.”

The fifteenth place is active in the Auvergne region – Rhone-Alpes in the Funcier region and territories

Seller, which is a private SCI, has been notified by NAI Kyrios. Buyer helped Sorovim. “For Foncières & Territoires, this acquisition is part of its strategy to invest in the heart of the territories. This is our fifteenth origin in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region,” notes Frederic Durand, President of Foncières & Territoires.

Sorovim has full knowledge of the service market in the Auvergne Rhone-Alpes region. Laura Bouton, “Investing” analyst at Sorofim, said the ideal location for the asset in the immediate vicinity of the city center, the good tenant and the building itself, modern, efficient and sustainable, provided many assets to attract the buyer.

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“This is a very good asset with a good tenant. I thank our manager for his confidence. Having grown up in Vienna, I am delighted to see new investors coming, it shows the attractiveness of the area,” said Audric Redon, Partner at NAI Kyrios.

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