video. Who remembers Hernandez’s “banana kick” against blacks from space?

Wilkinson, Hernandez… are you thinking of the best “gentlemen’s drops” in the history of the top 14?if today Argentina has increasingly been able to win prestigious matches during the rugby tournamentthis was not always the case. It was incorporated in 2012 After their stellar performances at the 2007 and 2011 worlds, Pumas have long been the scapegoats of the Southern Hemisphere’s three giants. During this delicate period, it was difficult for the Argentine players to stand out against the opposing dominance.. However, some of us have always been blessed with incredible gestures. The perfect example of course is “El Mago”, Juan Martin Hernandez. Whether in the opening, midfield or at the back, the Buenos Aires native always knows how to stand out. Watch the unusual banana kick, during a rugby championship match against New Zealand in 2012.. And indeed, as the men in black push their feet to press on it, Hernandez took possession of the ball and, with a footwork of which only he possessed the secret, managed to reverse the pressure and find a great touch, 50 meters away. Millimeter kick, which, if not prevented All black to win (21-5 final score), however it proved, once again, All the talent of this player is on the rugby field. Great art.

video.  Who remembers Hernandez's oversized stamp on giant Tulagi?video. Who remembers Hernandez’s oversized stamp on giant Tulagi?

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